Tune in and join me (Bri!) as I chat to fellow slow travelers and digital nomads. From epic tales to misadventures, we cover it all.

Slomad Stories: The Slow Travel Podcast

Slomad Stories is a slow travel and digital nomad podcast born out of the desire to share raw, meaningful stories of adventure by ordinary people who seek an extraordinary life.

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One of the many things I love about Bri's podcast is that you learn facts and methods of nomadic life in the art of storytelling. I feel like I'm having coffee with a friend, and she's telling me about her adventures and how I can apply the lessons she's learned to my own journey. I highly recommend giving it a listen.

"you learn facts and methods of nomadic life in the art of storytelling"

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Through our podcast, Slomad Stories, we dive deep into the realities and practicalities of choosing a nomadic lifestyle, while sharing the genuine experiences of fellow slow travelers, van lifers, and location-independent entrepreneurs who, like us, are ignited by the same spirit and mindset.

Join us as we demystify full-time travel and nomadism, uncovering the bittersweet beauty of this journey and providing you with the insight and tools to pursue your own freedom lifestyle.

Hey there! I'm Bri, and together with Paul and our adventurous three-legged cat, Yoda, we live life as full-time slow travelers and digital nomads.

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