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The ins and outs of travel blogging from A-Z! I have been blogging since 2015 and, while there have been major changes to the industry since then, the core of blogging remains the same. You need not just a killer strategy but also intention and a writer's touch, all of which I teach you how to master in my detailed modules, tutorials, and coaching.

Whether you are entirely new to the blogging world or have been at it for a few months or years and not seeing real progress, my blog course will give you the keys to unlocking your blog's true potential!

If you've ever just wished for someone to tell you how to make this dream a reality, well, hello! Bootstrap Blogging is a step-by-step blogging blueprint so you can cut corners to success without the stress.

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I believe in the power of storytelling and travel as a catalyst for positive change

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Whether you're clueless on how to get started or just feeling stagnant and getting nowhere with your existing blog... this course is designed for you — it's my signature step-by-step blueprint on what WORKS as a travel blogger (or any type of niche blogger)

A comprehensive, no-bs blog course that will give you a step-by-step blueprint to grow your blog traffic and make money blogging.

Bootstrap Blogging

Expedite your blog growth with my course PLUS 1:1 private coaching, exclusive access to our Slack coworking space (65+ members), blog writing + article audit, and monthly group calls!

The ultimate blueprint for intentional bloggers ready to level up their game w/ better writing & kicka** SEO.

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Not only will you get videos and written steps in each module but you’ll also be joining a community of passionate bloggers along with access to Bri. I know it will only continue to grow in year 2, which I can’t wait to see, and I KNOW wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t get this course and this community. Thank you, Bri!"

"Since starting this course one year ago my blog sessions and visitors are up 1,246% with my traffic breaking 10,000 sessions...

Working with Bri not only helped me establish my blog, but she also helped me realize HOW to become a successful blogger. She’s the best. Period.”

“For years I stumbled around the blogging world having no idea what I was doing. 

 Before I started I was publishing 1-2 posts a month because of how long it took. Now I am cranking out posts in just a few hours! Wrote this one on a plane and finished it up this morning!"

"One thing I am so thankful for that this course has taught me is how to efficiently write blog posts!


We signed up for Bootstrap Blogging over a year ago and it has been incredibly helpful. Without her and this course, we wouldn't be at a stage where we are able to pursue travel blogging as a full time career."

"Bri is the most engaged and dedicated teacher we've had in the blogging industry--

In the span of a few months, my blog traffic grew by 2,000% (and counting!) I had been blogging for three years and wasn’t seeing any results, but after taking her course, I learned how to get my blog posts on the first page of Google. This course is definitely worth the investment!"

"Bri’s course changed everything for me! 

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There are two main things that I love about travel blogging.

One, I get to share the world through my unique experiences and camera lens. This means I live the experience, do research, and ultimately document my personal travels and journey—my way. No editors, no deadlines, no bs.

Two, through blogging, I have the unique opportunity to have a direct impact on the travel industry by inspiring individuals to travel slowly and adventure mindfully. Travel has the powerful to shape not only your own mind and worldview, but that of others. Our impact travels far, much further than we'll ever see.

So let's be better. Better travelers, and better bloggers.

I believe in the power of travel and story to create positive change. 

Hey , I'm Bri. 

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