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In 2021, a few gals who followed me online reached out to ask if I would be their blog mentor. Although I had never played a coaching role before, I leapt at the offer. It was scary, of course, to open up and share my "secrets." But I believe in community over competition and there were no other travel blogging groups out there that made me feel supported. So I started my own community. All I ask of the members who invest in my time, and in their time, is that they show up!

Hi, I'm Bri – your blogging bestie 🪄 

I believe in the power of storytelling and travel as a catalyst for positive change. Blogging isn't just about awesome SEO, it's about your story.

It's been a little over two years that I've been blog coaching now, and I am so grateful for this community. Blogging has brought me so much freedom, and the intention of creating this blog course is the same now as it was two years ago: to show you how you can tap into this freedom lifestyle too, by sharing your unique travels and experiences on your own blog

2.5 years later...

I remember my passion for traveling and exploring other lands, languages, and cultures first igniting during a
family trip to Belize when l was around ten years old. It was the
first country l traveled to outside of my own and I've since carried this feeling of mystery, adventure, and adrenaline with me every where I go.
For the last decade, l've been living and slow traveling in 9+ different countries. I moved to France in 2013 and then Nepal in 2015, and "the rest is history!" I began journaling my adventures online ages ago, but it wasn't until I finally decided to pivot from my future in humanitarian aid to take travel blogging full-time.

Travel blogger x digital slomad ✨

My Story...

Working with Bri not only helped me establish my blog, but she also helped me realize HOW to become a successful blogger. She’s the best. Period.”

“For years I stumbled around the blogging world having no idea what I was doing. 


We signed up for Bootstrap Blogging over a year ago and it has been incredibly helpful. Without her and this course, we wouldn't be at a stage where we are able to pursue travel blogging as a full time career."

"Bri is the most engaged and dedicated teacher we've had in the blogging industry--

In the span of a few months, my blog traffic grew by 2,000% (and counting!) I had been blogging for three years and wasn’t seeing any results, but after taking her course, I learned how to get my blog posts on the first page of Google. This course is definitely worth the investment!"

"Bri’s course changed everything for me! 

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