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Ever dreamt about blogging AND getting paid to do it? Well, now it can be your *dreamy* reality.

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Need more support? Together, we tackle your unique blog journey one word at at time so you can feel confident + fueled to show up as the blogging baddie you want to be.

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My signature Bootstrap Blogging course & proven step-by-step blueprint teaches you how to grow your traffic, write better content, & earn passive income from your blog.

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Ever dreamt about blogging AND getting paid to do it? 
While that may have sounded like an unattainable dream over a decade ago, now it is a *dreamy* reality.

Blogging is an extremely lucrative job that YOU get to create! 

💻 Want to be your own boss?  
🌍 Travel the world? 
✍🏼 Write about things you actually love and care about? 
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Blogging lets you create your ideal lifestyle, so you can do all those things and much, much more.

I believe in the power of storytelling and travel as a catalyst for positive change. Blogging isn't just about awesome SEO, it's about your story.

Hi, I'm Bri.

For intentional bloggers ready to level up their game w/ better writing & kicka** SEO.

Bootstrap Blogging
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If you've ever felt...
❌ Woefully overwhelmed with SEO 
❌ Frustrated that your posts never rank on Google or in SERPs
❌ Unsure as to what to even write about 
❌ Guilty because you have trouble publishing consistently 

I get it!

Let me teach you how to blog,
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the ultimate blueprint for bloggers

Not only will you get videos and written steps in each module but you’ll also be joining a community of passionate bloggers along with access to Bri. I know it will only continue to grow in year 2, which I can’t wait to see, and I KNOW wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t get this course and this community. Thank you, Bri!"

"Since starting this course one year ago my blog sessions and visitors are up 1,246% with my traffic breaking 10,000 sessions...

Working with Bri not only helped me establish my blog, but she also helped me realize HOW to become a successful blogger. She’s the best. Period.”

“For years I stumbled around the blogging world having no idea what I was doing. 

 Before I started I was publishing 1-2 posts a month because of how long it took. Now I am cranking out posts in just a few hours! Wrote this one on a plane and finished it up this morning!"

"One thing I am so thankful for that this course has taught me is how to efficiently write blog posts!


We signed up for Bootstrap Blogging over a year ago and it has been incredibly helpful. Without her and this course, we wouldn't be at a stage where we are able to pursue travel blogging as a full time career."

"Bri is the most engaged and dedicated teacher we've had in the blogging industry--

In the span of a few months, my blog traffic grew by 2,000% (and counting!) I had been blogging for three years and wasn’t seeing any results, but after taking her course, I learned how to get my blog posts on the first page of Google. This course is definitely worth the investment!"

"Bri’s course changed everything for me! 

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