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You feel defeated, lost, and like you're going in circles. You work without seeing results, it's been months (or years) and yet... your traffic and earnings are at a stand still!

stagnant growth


You publish every now and then and hope for your traffic to grow. But it doesn't. Your posts don't rank, and if they do, they aren't in the top positions in SERPs.

ranking fatigue


You have tried time and time again to write + publish blog posts consistently, but something's just not clicking. It feels like climbing up a mountain, in the dark.

inconsistent posting


Whether you're clueless on how to get started or just feeling stagnant and getting nowhere with your existing blog... this course is designed for you — it's my signature step-by-step blueprint on what WORKS as a travel blogger (or any type of niche blogger). Even amid the changing blogging landscape, AI, and unforgiving Google updates, the SEO and writing techniques taught in this course will grow your organic blog traffic and give you the tools to turn your blog into your full or part-time gig. What you put in it, you get out. If you've ever just wished for someone to give you the no-bs guidance on how to become a travel blogger and make money blogging, then this is it! 

Let me guess, you're experiencing self-doubt and procrastination which is resulting in...

Is your fear holding you back in your blog biz?

Hey curious go-getter, here's an important question for you...

I've got the secrets to unlocking your travel blogging success

But here's thing. You're not alone. I've been exactly where you are and...

Increased traffic

Passive income

Blog recognition

Raving readership

Content clarity

Blogging doesn't have to be so hard. In fact, once you "get it" you'll be saying...
Why didn't I just start sooner?!   What if you could have....

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A comprehensive, no-bs blog course that will give you a step-by-step blueprint to grow your blog traffic and make money blogging.

Bootstrap Blogging
Master Course

Introducing the...

How to actually WRITE like a pro blogger. Learn the do's and don'ts of travel blogging

The critical ins-and-outs of solid SEO. No shortcuts or bs, just what works and gets results

Tips to expedite your blog traffic growth in less than a year, plus how to nurture your online audience to support your blog's income + traffic longevity 

How to build seriously-strong content hubs and internal link networks so Google better understands your blog + content and ranks you fast!

Authentic, transparent advice from a long-time blogger, with a supportive community of fellow bloggers for accountability!  

Inside this online blog course you'll learn all my awesome blogging tips including:

Discover exactly what you'll learn:

Take a look inside the course modules and...

Learn how to brand your blog tailored to your unique insights & experiences

Get set up the right way the first time, so you don't have a headache to deal with later!

A solid blog foundation will save you time, energy, & money so you can focus on creating the content you love

Recommended plugins and themes that have stood the test of time (and page speed)

The Blog Foundations

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Learn how to do fool-proof keyword research, including how to mine long-tail keywords so you're not publishing in the dark

Take back control of your blog to-do list with convenient web + blog SEO checklists

SEO tips across the board... web, single posts, categories, pages — the whole shebang

Pssst. I teach white hat techniques only! There are no shortcuts to good SEO and authority. 

SEO, SEO, & more SEO

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Discover how blog post structure and formatting can make a WORLD of difference in time on page + rankability

Bonus templates for how to style + structure your posts!

Learn how to stop writing blog posts for keywords and Google and start writing for people

Become a skilled wordsmith with lessons on how to write every section of your article

Your Story: Blog Writing

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Image SEO checklist for ease + convenience

Discover the do's and don'ts of outsourcing and sizing your images

Learn how to get your images to rank in Google and SERPs organically

Finally become master of the alt text!

The Keys to Blog Image SEO

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

💰 Making Money from Your Blog $$$

🚀 How to Leverage Pinterest for Blog Traffic  

💻  Optimizing Old Posts for Increased Growth

📧  Email Marketing for Bloggers

🧘‍♀️ Mastering Your Blogger Mindset + Wellness

✨ Bonus lessons, guest appearances, and MORE!

PLUS.... Modules 5-10

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

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Keep your keywords, word count, & $$ all in one easy, trackable place.

Blog Tracker


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Blog post structure templates to crush SEO and make your content shine!


Track and optimize your affiliate earnings... right from the get go!

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Affiliate Sheet


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Not only will you get videos and written steps in each module but you’ll also be joining a community of passionate bloggers along with access to Bri. I know it will only continue to grow in year 2, which I can’t wait to see, and I KNOW wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t get this course and this community. Thank you, Bri!"

"Since starting this course one year ago my blog sessions and visitors are up 1,246% with my traffic breaking 10,000 sessions...

Working with Bri not only helped me establish my blog, but she also helped me realize HOW to become a successful blogger. She’s the best. Period.”

“For years I stumbled around the blogging world having no idea what I was doing. 

 Before I started I was publishing 1-2 posts a month because of how long it took. Now I am cranking out posts in just a few hours! Wrote this one on a plane and finished it up this morning!"

"One thing I am so thankful for that this course has taught me is how to efficiently write blog posts!


We signed up for Bootstrap Blogging over a year ago and it has been incredibly helpful. Without her and this course, we wouldn't be at a stage where we are able to pursue travel blogging as a full time career."

"Bri is the most engaged and dedicated teacher we've had in the blogging industry--

In the span of a few months, my blog traffic grew by 2,000% (and counting!) I had been blogging for three years and wasn’t seeing any results, but after taking her course, I learned how to get my blog posts on the first page of Google. This course is definitely worth the investment!"

"Bri’s course changed everything for me! 

kind words

In 2021, a few gals who followed me online reached out to ask if I would be their blog mentor. Although I had never played a coaching role before, I leapt at the offer. It was scary, of course, to open up and share my "secrets." But I believe in community over competition and there were no other travel blogging groups out there that made me feel supported. So I started my own community. All I ask of the members who invest in my time, and in their time, is that they show up. It's been a little over two years that I've been blog coaching now, and I am so grateful for this community. Blogging has brought me so much freedom, and the intention of creating this blog course is the same now as it was two years ago: to show you how you can tap into this freedom lifestyle too, by sharing your unique travels and experiences on your own blog.

Hey! I'm Bri. I believe in the power of storytelling and travel as a catalyst for positive change. Blogging isn't just about awesome SEO, it's about your story.

Meet your blog coach

I've been through exactly what you're facing now. But I pushed through the doubt and unknown to get here.
And now I'm giving you the exact blogging blueprint I use to find success!

The freedom and money to travel far & wide

Blog brand awareness to land yourself paid blog partnerships and tourism board campaigns (like me pictured here, poolside, creating content while on a press trip!)

Generating passive income from my blog, so I can keep earning $ even if I'm not working or take month-long breaks!

A community of fellow travelers and bloggers to learn alongside and gain inspiration from!

I said sayonara to my self-doubt and now I'm proof you can achieve....

Have you ever just wished that you could get all the answers to your blogging questions, just KNOW what to do each day to grow your blog, and then wake up feeling proactive and confident to make it happen? Well, hi 👋
I know that feeling (remember? I was where you are now three years ago), which is why I set out to build my own blog course + community.

Imagine if you could wave goodbye to blogging overwhelm

And now it's your turn!

The Bootstrap Blogging Course
 isn't like other courses out there

Take back control of your blog to-do list, ridding yourself of overwhelm while paving the path to your blog's full potential

Earn money passively while getting to do something you enjoy (travel!?) that also has a positive impact

My blogging blueprint has a no-fluff approach with action packed advice in in-depth modules that help you:

Take the lessons one at a time, at your own pace while having a community of fellow bloggers and content creators to connect with.

Extra 1:1 support with private coaching, monthly group calls, and Slack access (VIP offer)

A unique online course featuring self-paced modules and a members-only community:

Benefit from updated course tutorials and lessons overtime, so you can come back to your blog progress and keep growing your blog biz!

Stay on top of the latest blogging news + Google updates

Bonus tools and resources hub to help you stay on track and implement your learnings:

Questions and concerns from A-Z whether that's to do with your analytics, keyword strategy, or offering backend support.

Fostering community + a positive mindset, to keep the blogging burnout at bay 

Exclusive access to your coach (that's me!) via monthly Meet calls and Slack support to help with:

Both! While you could have near-perfect SEO, you won't get far if your writing (the actual advice you're giving) is generic, replaceable, or solely for the purpose to monetize.

What should I focus on — quantity or quality when publishing blog posts?


All of that is answered inside the course! I have been blogging since 2015 and have tested (almost) every tool under the trade. I teach and share exactly what I use to grow + scale my blogs.

What are the best blogging tools, resources, themes, and plugins?


I know, I know. The checklist can feel never-ending but that's why I'm here! I've built four blogs from the ground up and teach you in Module 1: Foundations how to start off strong with my step-by-step lessons.

How do I even get started with blogging? What should I do first?


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

The sky is truly the limit with earnings from your travel blog, and you can expect to start seeing real pay-off when you begin earning passively from ads and affiliates. The potential is huge!

How much can you make from travel blogging?


Yes! Now you can dive in to the course content without having to sign up for the community calls or private coaching. Same awesome course, just go at it at your own pace.

Can I get your course without the community or coaching?


Ah, you're a tough cookie! The real answer is: it entirely depends on YOU. As much as I can give you alllll the tools + tricks to succeed as a travel blogger, you need to be able to show up for yourself and put in the work.

How long after taking the course can I expect to see results?


Getting your blog posts to rank organically in the TOP positions in Google & SERPs with fool-proof SEO and better writing

Earning actual money from your blog through affiliate marketing, ad management, paid partnerships and e-products

Building a newsletter/email sequence that does the heavy lifting for you

Improving your writing skills which can not only help you rank higher SERPs but land you writing gigs in the travel industry (one of our members wrote a Lonely Planet guide!)

Finding joy and flow in the process of building your blogging biz without the burnout!

This course is perfect for you if you want real results like....

Christina in the clouds

"Got my first gifted collab through my blog!!"

Candace, tracks less traveled 

"Thanks for such a great call Bri, these meet ups always get me motivated to keep blogging!"

I grew my travel blog from 0 to 100k in less than two years. And I did it while full of self-doubt, procrastination, and hesitation (and not to mention a global p@ndemic).
If I did it, you can do it, too. But you gotta get out of your own way. Let me give you the keys to blogging prosperity!

Clarity, community, and a bada$$ content strategy for your blog

When you finish this course you'll walk away with

join the club!

Course + 1:1 private coaching call, monthly group calls, M-F Slack support, & members-only community


three monthly payments 

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Course + Facebook group


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So, are you ready to master your blog journey?

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